Improve Your Home; Replace Windows to Reap Tax Benefits

Glimmering new windows for your home are not the only reason seeking information about vinyl replacement windows is beneficial. In fact, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 offer homeowners who replace their old windows with new, energy efficient versions serious tax credits. With increased importance of energy conservation, incentives like these can help make new windows more affordable and beneficial. While new windows can be an exciting addition to your home, offering beauty and acting as an investment in your residence, they also offer tax credits that can help you save money.

Lower energy bills and a more comfortable home are just some of the reasons new replacement windows are drawing attention. The replacement of old windows with new energy efficient ones can actually save you on your monthly energy bills and boost the resale value of your home, making them a smart investment. A home’s appearance can benefit from the aesthetic appeal of replacement windows while you have less maintenance and effort accompanying.

Though purchased windows must meet criteria established by the Act, those bought during 2009 and 2010 can help you earn a tax credit of up to $1500. The tax credit received is usually 30 percent of the purchase price, up to the cap fore-mentioned.

Eligible windows must have a U factor, the amount of heat transferred through the window, of .30 or below. The lower the U factor is, the slower it takes heat to transfer through the window, making it more efficient. In addition the windows you purchased must have a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of .30 in order to earn you a tax credit. The SHCG measures the heat absorbed from both heat and sunlight. The less heat absorbed, the more energy efficient the window and the lower the number corresponding. Call the manufacturer of your windows for both the U factor and SHCG statistics for the windows you purchased.

In addition to the U and SHCG factors of the window, there are other requirements to consider for eligibility:

-Installation costs, sales tax, assembly and other fees are not eligible for the tax credit. Instead, only the actual cost of the windows is eligible for the tax credit.

-Only vinyl windows purchased during the eligible period can help you earn a tax credit. Windows purchased outside of the taxable year cannot be included.

-Vinyl replacement windows that meet the requirements during the specific period can be considered for tax credits.

-Receipts, statements, labels and any other information regarding your windows and the cost and factors should be saved when filing for the corresponding tax credits.

Looking for a local contractor to purchase and install your windows should involve detailed research regarding the company, work and windows used. You should look for a contractor who:

-Uses a window manufacturer with a good reputation, including extensive experience with quality products.

-Offers warranties that are backed by the contractor and manufacturer.

-Offers low maintenance products that will add appeal and value to your home.

-Installs a product that is manufactured by a reputable company, highlighted by awards, approval and the use by other contractors and companies around the nation and locally.


Kathy and her husband own a company that sells and installs replacement windows in Houston. She enjoys writing about energy efficient products that can help home owners save more and spend less. For more energy saving tips visit .

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