Tax Changes you Need to Know About

Tax Changes you Need to Know About

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has many different tax provisions to spur economic growth. The First Time Home Buyer’s credit and the new expanded Long Time Home Buyers credit are things you can take advantage of if you purchase a home. Tuition changes make school more affordable. And making your home more energy efficient can earn you tax credit.

The IRA limits have been increased to provide additional saving opportunities. Now singles with income up to $65,000 and couples with income up to $109,000 can put money into IRAs with a deduction.

Standard deductions have been increased for almost everyone which reduces your tax burden. And the standard mileage rates have been improved to make driving for work affordable. A 55 cent deduction is available for business travel while 24 cents per mile is available for medical travel.

Finally the ceiling for child interest income taxed at a child’s tax rate (Kiddie tax) has been raised to $1,900. Gifting more to children is now beneficial for the whole family.

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