Chris Christie And Taxes Panacea Or A Pandora’s Box

The Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has 2012 Taxes in mind with his ten percent income tax for the people of his state. Christie is also proposing that his tax plan can be applied to the Nation. The 2012 election is in November, and he is setting his sights on the 2016 presidential elections.

Chris Christie has deemed himself an economic architect who has the blueprint ready to rebuild New Jersey’s sagging economic foundation. He is so confident in this strategy that he feels strongly that this plan can bolster this country‚Äôs economy and restore consumer confidence. His flat tax rate of ten percent is a stark contrast to the governors of New York, Illinois and California. In all three of these states they have raised taxes and they have been proactive in increasing the tax rates for the most affluent individuals. He has claimed that his economic strategy gives back to the lawmakers and taxpaying citizens, who have sacrificed to help New Jersey’s economy. His image as a fiscal conservative has been further established by substantially cutting state spending. While he has lowered taxes for the wealthiest in his constituency, he wants to reinstate an earned tax credit for those with the lowest incomes, a program he had cut in 2010. His sweeping tax cuts would increase the state’s high deficit.

Chris Christie has a dramatic tax plan, but the downside is who will pay for these cuts. Time will be the judge if a ten percent flat tax will work.

Chris Christie And Taxes Panacea Or A Pandora's Box by
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