On What Day Will I Be Able To File My Taxes?

The IRS has set the date to open up their filing season, for year 2014, on January 31st. They encourage all taxpayers to take advantage of Free File, e-file, or TurboTax 2014, to get the quickest refunds of their 2014 taxes.

This opening date for filing tax returns for 2013 will give the IRS enough time to properly program and test their updated tax processing systems. There were substantial delays in their system back in October, immediately after they experienced that 16-day government shutdown.

The Acting Commissioner for the IRS, Mr. Danny Werfel, encouraged taxpayers with this … Read more at 2009 Tax.

Know the Impact of Bankruptcy on Your Taxes

Know the Impact of Bankruptcy on Your Taxes

The term bankruptcy is considered as a legal status of an individual or company that happens to be unable to repay their incurred debts from their creditors. In most cases, bankruptcy is being imposed by the court orders. It is usually initiated by the debtor. However, sometimes the weight of the issue is given to the debtor from the creditors.

The IRS pub 17 2013 signifies the legal implications on income taxes. This involves the possibility of declaring bankruptcy and its variable forms. Chapter 11 bankruptcy pertains to the debts of the … Read more at 2009 Tax.

There’s an App for That: Taxes from Your Phone

We do pretty much everything from our phones these days, turns out, taxes are no different. Accountants and techies are combining forces as new ways develop for those who choose to file from their phone. From an easier way to track and report expenses to hand-held glossaries and customer service, exploring ways to file from your phone will change the way taxes get done.

Tracking Expenses

Deducting expenses is essential for businesses owners or the self-employed. Keeping track of those expenses however can be incredibly cumbersome. Travel, meals, supplies, and mileage really add up and the ability to immediately input … Read more at 2009 Tax.

7 Steps To Reduce Your Tax Related Stress

7 Steps To Reduce Your Tax Related Stress

If you have your own business what may haunt you most is the stressful task of filing your tax returns at the end of the year. Every year brings you the harrowing experience of piling up your financial documents and preparing your tax return. It adds to your worries if you have earnings in other countries as well, as you need to file your tax return from those countries as well.

Here are seven gradual steps that will certainly minimize your tax returns related hassles.

  1. Maintain your accounts accurately. Buy a ruled

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When Is The Best Time To Go For A Tax Return Filing?

When Is The Best Time To Go For A Tax Return Filing?

Millions of US citizens get ready either for paying taxes or for collecting tax refund from the government by 15th of April each year; when exactly did this day become a great day for the taxpayers and when are the people expected to file their income tax returns? Let us see the history of the date “15 April” as the date for income taxes and why it got chosen.

In the early 1860s, under the reign of President Abraham Lincoln, the Americans were known to pay the first … Read more at 2009 Tax.