Tax Amnesty Gives Kettering Ohio Six Figures

Thanks to a new tax amnesty program, Kettering Ohio has brought in more than $163,000 in the first five weeks since the program was kicked off. This program has allowed eighty-nine people to pay their income taxes and interest without having to pay tax penalties that would normally apply. This program will continue running until December 14.

By using this program, the tax payers did not have to pay $53,000 in penalties. These penalties have been waived by the city. This program was started before a mandatory tax filing of 2012 returns, which must be filed by April 15, 2013.

High Street in Kettering in Northamptonshire, UK.
High Street in Kettering in Northamptonshire, UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although many residents will not owe any money, anyone 18 or older must file their taxes this coming tax season.

Officials think that a lot of people will still come in and take advantage of this program. Even those people that owe money from as far back as six years ago will be eligible along with businesses that need to pay their taxes. This program also works with businesses that are not withholding employees’ taxes.

The finance director of Kettering, Nancy Gregory, stated that everyone was happy with the way this program was working out. The majority of the people that have worked with this program have been very grateful for the opportunity to avoid the tax penalties.

Kettering is working hard to help people make these tax payments and be completely up-to-date when mandatory filing begins.

Gregory explained that while many people know what they were supposed to be paying taxes, there were still many people that did not understand all the regulations. A few people did not owe money before 2007 when Kettering increased the tax rate for income taxes from two to 2.25 percent. These people just need to pay the difference.

In different instances, people would come to pay their tax obligations and they found out that they did not owe anything after they completed their returns.

Gregory said that as of right now no businesses have come forward, but that there were some that should. After this program is over, everyone in violation will need to pay penalties. Gregory warned that there would be a huge push for enforcement after the 2012 deadline.

There have been two new auditors hired for the tax division as there could be a doubling of accounts when the mandatory filing begins in 2013. Gregory thinks that it will not mean double the money coming in, but there will be many more documents coming in.

Although no one really loves paying taxes, Kettering tries to make the process of filing taxes better. Many people are glad to do it and do not feel bad about that. Gregory wants people to bring in their documents and the city will complete individuals returns for free. What could be better?

Reviews Of Online Tax Preparation Software

There are a variety of income tax preparation computer software bundles currently available. Several are free of charge while others can be very costly. Deciding between them will depend on personal needs.

Following is a list of reviewed software and their advantages and disadvantages.

Quicken software known as TurboTax, is definitely, one of the most thorough tax form software available today. Having said that, additionally it is among the most costly packages that you can buy. For less than thirty dollars, the software package features the advantage of being protected against audits in addition to the ability to spend a little bit more and receive individualized certified public accountant assistance.

Among the best things about this brand is definitely the internet refund box that enables you to observe your refund amount or amount of tax owed as you proceed along. This approach is useful in providing peace of mind simply because you will be able to confirm the amount you believe you ought to be receiving for every group of tax deductions. Moreover, this software features a taxpayer discussion board allowing the user to talk about many of the aggravations along with the victories throughout the taxation period.

H & R Block Block stands out as the most trusted name on the subject of income taxes. In contrast to it’s counterparts, this particular variety of computer software fails to provide a member discussion board, however, there is an online talk feature that is especially navigation friendly. Additionally, it will come along with a well guided interface as well as a comprehensive list of filing options. At a cost of less than thirty dollars, this package is truly worth the the price.

Another fine tax software package is known as Tax Act. It is a very basic package that does not include a lot of bonuses, however for around eighteen dollars, the software will undoubtedly get the job done. There are no chat features or IRS audit defense, however regarding the tax software newcomer, this one is among the easiest to navigate. For people who just want to file their taxes without spending a lot of money, this software package is the best option.

Another income tax program is known as Tax Slayer Extreme. For just under fifteen dollars you will get your money’s worth however, it is nothing to rave about. It has pretty awkward code written into it that snags up as you walk through the screens or your return and also lacks a live chat feature, they however, do have an email option but it is very standard and takes a while for them to get back to you. There again, if filing taxes is your game and spending lots of money is not, you will do well with this package.

Locating a superior type of software program is simple to carry out upon discovering your individual needs. In that respect, there are many companies providing different packages and price points and all that is required is a little bit of research to find the one that best meets your needs.

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