Last Minute Tax Tips When Using Turbo Tax

Last Minute Tax Tips

Are you going to use Turbo Tax 2013 to file your taxes this year? Before you head to, take a moment to read through these tips. With the deadline approaching, you need to know what to do at the last minute to make the filing process successful.

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  1. File the Paperwork Electronically

Did you know that Turbo Tax 2013 allows you to e-file your paperwork when you are done? This can save you a lot of time; it really only takes a few minutes. You will instantly submit your tax files so that you do not miss the deadline; you can even do this just hours before the cutoff time.

  1. See if You Can Get an Extension

If you’ve been on and you think you’re going to miss the deadline, you might want to file for an extension. The government will give you – if you are approved, of course – an addition six-month period to file your taxes. Wouldn’t you like to take care of them in October instead of April?

  1. Know the Penalties

There are two main penalties that you can get if you use Turbo Tax 2013 or and you do not get the tax documents in on time. The first is for failure to file, and the second is for failure to pay. Both could cost you up to an additional 25 percent of the total amount that you already owe. However, the IRS often gives extensions for people who have filed and not paid. You should at least get the paperwork in by the deadline, and you could end up avoiding both penalties, even if you don’t have the money to pay the taxes right now.

With these three tips and Turbo Tax 2013, you can reduce what you owe, avoid penalties, and make tax season a lot less stressful than it would be otherwise. The tools at give you the power to file your taxes successfully without a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), so you’ll actually be able to keep all of the return that you get this year.

Tips For Maximizing Your Return

With The Free Turbo Tax 2013 Software

When you use free Turbo Tax 2013, it is important to make sure that you maximize your return. The free TurboTax software makes this easier than it has ever been before since you will be asked a series of questions about your finances; these questions are much clearer than the labels on the tax documents, so you will really understand what you are being asked and what you need to say. The software will then plug your answers into the right boxes so that you have fully official tax documents with all of the right information in the right boxes.

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Declare Your New Home
One of the best ways to increase your return if you just bought a new home is to list it as your primary residence with the free Turbo Tax 2013 software. You can then get the Homestead Deduction, which can save you hundreds on your state taxes. The free TurboTax program may also be able to help you determine if you deserve a Federal First Time Home Buyer Credit for the year, which can be applied to your Federal taxes, making your one home save you money twice.

Itemize Your Deductions
The free Turbo Tax 2013 software makes it very easy to make a list of your itemized deductions. You should always do this to check and see if the itemized deductions are going to be more than your standard deduction. By using the free TurboTax software to make the list, you can make a wise decision about which deduction will be larger.

Use the Correct Forms
One of the nicest things about the free Turbo Tax 2013 software is that it can help you check to see which form you are using when you enter information. This can make a huge difference. For example, a 1099-MISC form will not include taxes that have already been paid out, so you will be taxed on the totals. A W-2 form, though, will include those taxes that were already deducted, so you may get money back. Use the free TurboTax software to select the type of form that you have so that you do not pay your taxes twice. This way, you actually get all of the money that is owed to you.

Erase the Fees
Finally, the free Turbo Tax 2013 software helps you maximize your return simply because you do not have to pay any fees to a CPA. You can do everything yourself, even if you have never studied accounting or tax law. The free TurboTax software is very easy to use, even for those who are doing their taxes for the first time. By erasing the extra fees, you get to keep all of your return.

Do I Need a Tax Consultant?

Do you need a tax consultant? Even if you’re educated enough to know about your state’s tax laws, they change quite frequently. It’s often in your best interest to learn how to find a tax consultant. Your best bet is to find someone qualified and up to date with the latest tax laws. The best way to find a tax consultant is when you need them the least. That means not waiting until tax season to find one. If you wait that long, chances are that all of the good ones will be taken by then. Instead, find one early on and book them in advance.

Did you know there are different kinds of tax consultants, all with their own specialties? That means that some work best with small businesses and some work best with contractors. To find the one that fits best with you, ask them who the majority of their clients are. They may not answer but if you’re polite enough, they just might. In addition, know what kind of assistance you will need in advance. If you own a business, a tax consultant can help you, but if you earn wages by being an employee, you may be able to do your taxes yourself. If you need to get help, a certified public accountant can prepare the necessary paperwork.

If possible, ask for references from friends, family, and other acquaintances. At first, you probably won’t know any certified tax consultants but if you know someone that has dealt with someone before, it may put you at ease knowing that they do good work. Only hire someone when you have interviewed several people, and if you have a gut feeling that you shouldn’t hire said person, it’s best to listen to what your gut tells you.

You may not necessary need a professional, but they have the possibility of helping you save time, effort, and money. If they are any good at their job, they will be able to help reduce your taxes or help with the finances of your business. However, be careful because it can be expensive and if you hire the wrong person, they can get you into trouble instead. Before making a decision, think about the long term advantages of hiring a professional.

Dealing with Tax Debt

Handling tax debt is different from how you handle other debts, but you need not worry because for sure you will be able to work a good plan that will reduce your balances. Here are several ways that you can start drafting out a plan:

Check your tax return documents for any corrections

The first thing that you have to do is to collect all your documents of tax return and check if all the entries are correct and that you were not overcharged for something. Nevertheless, if you do not have any idea about this type of things you may opt to get debt help from a certified public accountant of financial counsellor to help you check if there is a discrepancy between the figures.

Your financial assistant will also help you in determining which plan of action you intend to do against your debts. After doing that, he or she may suggest the following tax debt reduction strategies.

Negotiate your tax debts with the Internal Revenue Service

Once you have the total amount that you need to pay, one option that you can do is to go directly to the office of the Internal Revenue Service. Personnel from them can assist you and suggest options and plans that you can do for you to be able to pay your balances. Some of the programs they have include the following:

  1. Monthly tax debt program. This is one of the most known strategies that you can do, the internal revenue service will allow you to pay for your debts on an instalment basis payable. However, the catch about this strategy is that your current tax debt amount will accumulate interest charges over the months of paying period. Apart from the penalty and interest, you will also need to shell out a user fee amounting to $105.
  2. The internal revenue service can also offer you what they call as “hardship consideration.” This is the approach wherein they will give you a few months to save up for your debts and for your financial status to work out. However, you still need to pay interest fees, penalty charges, and application fee.
  3. Another tax debt solution is filing for bankruptcy. But, if you think that you can still do something about your balances then do so. Applying for account foreclosure can directly affect your credit score and can make future transactions with the bank difficult.

Ways to Settle IRS Debt

Each person wants to settle tax debt in any way possible and there a lot of ways on how to settle IRS debt. Each way to pay these debts depends upon the account and the status of the individual. It is very important to settle tax debts because if not, you may be submitted to high interest rates and increasing penalties. To know appropriate procedures on how to settle IRS debt, it is advisable to deal directly with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Actually, the first and the most basic step is to communicate with the Internal Revenue Service about your accurate budget for paying your tax debts. You need to be honest with your budget so that the IRS can adjust lesser amount than the huge account you owe if you have small budget. You can even settle IRS debt through a partial payment instalment agreement. This means that if you are not able to meet the requirements to pay a certain amount for an agreed period, you may be able to appeal for a smaller monthly payments.

If you are having a hard time understanding how to settle tax debt, you may already need a certified public accountant or a lawyer to help you deal with this tax problem. These tax analysts and experts will also be able to set you up with the correct settlement method and possibly lower the amount you owe.

When the time comes that you have already gone through with your problems in tax debts, make sure that you will be able to pay right in time to avoid these kind of situation for the second time around. If you are having financial problems, make sure that you communicate with the Internal Revenue Service about your situation. But still, it would be nice if you get rid of your IRS debt.

In some circumstances that you are financially unable, the Internal Revenue Service will review your status every couple of years. If you are proven eligible that you cannot settle tax debts, they will stop collecting against you. If you continue to be uncollectible for 10 years from the date you are assessed, you will be no longer responsible for the amount of tax debt you owed from the Internal Revenue Service.

How to Get Tax Help?

How to Get Tax Help?

It’s a highly stressful activity to prepare your taxes. In many occasions, it’s found to be beneficial to look for some tax help. O’ My God, Save My Soul!

At the time you file your taxes; you might look into finding someone or possibly find a computer -software. Here, let’s focus on a living person and try to understand a tax professional. In fact, you will find many people who will be able to help you with different levels of expertise.

Tax Preparer

A tax preparer normally has the least expertise for filing taxesRead more at 2009 Tax.

How to Get Tax Help?

It’s a highly stressful activity to prepare your taxes. In many occasions, it’s found to be beneficial to look for some tax help. O’ My God, Save My Soul!

At the time you file your taxes; you might look into finding someone or possibly find a computer -software. Here, let’s focus on a living person and try to understand a tax professional. In fact, you will find many people who will be able to help you with different levels of expertise.

Tax Preparer

A tax preparer normally has the least expertise for filing taxes. These are trained professionals who can conveniently do a return filing. For example, the people who work at H&R Block represent a big collection of preparers. One main advantage to them is that tax preparers charge a cheaper rate. Remember that most of the time the service will match the payment.

Enrolled Agents

Enrolled agents are the individuals who undergo licensing through the IRS. Compared to a tax preparer, the enrolled agent can also assist you with your auditing. They are an advanced type of tax preparers; however, knowledge and quality of work will vary from one agent to the next. Because of their own interests, some agents excel and remain on top. Others may not be as impressive with their performance.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

The CPAs obtain their licenses through lot of toil. It requires tremendous study to get a CPA license and moreover passing the licensing test is not easy. In cases where your financial situation is really complicated or unique, you should approach a CPA for your taxes. As a matter of fact, you should use a CPA all year round to help you plan your finances so that you can save money on tax payments.

CPAs are very costly as they normally charge around USD 200 to USD 300 per hour of service. In fact, most of them are worth paying the money for their services. If you need a CPA, then go for one who is proactive. The proactive CPA will tell you all about your finances and life planning. They will come up with suggestions for significantly lowering your tax payments. Normally, the savings are going to “more than justify” their high fees, and in the long run you will be happy.

So, out of the three, which one will you pick? It completely depends upon the complicacies of your finance. Suppose you are a salaried person with a gross annual income of USD 50,000; then a simple tax preparer can do the job for you. In case you have a small business, then finding an efficient CPA is advisable for you.