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Free Tax Filing Information

Most federal highway use tax returns are due, with the due date falling on the 31st Aug 2012. Now the use revenue collector, the IRS or internal revenue service is reminding owners of highway vehicles truckers regarding the need to file their taxes. Aug 31st is a deadline when forms such as the tax form 2290 will need to be filed with the IRS as well as payment of the relevant taxes for this particular financial year. This applies to those using the roads on or before July 2012. There is free tax filing information available to tax payers online.

This taxation feature applies to vehicles using the highways that have a gross weight of 55000 pounds or more. Such vehicles include tractors, trucks as well as buses and all others. Vehicles such as vans and pick ups do not fall into this category basically because they have tare weight that’s below 55000 pounds. The cost is usually $550 per vehicle depending on the weight of the vehicle. There are some rules that govern the administration of this tax feature.

Many tax payers are advised to submit their tax returns via the internet. There are electronic forms that need to be filled for this purpose even though the option of filing form 2290 still exists. Tax payers are advised of a public holiday weekend from August 31st to September 4st 2012. As such, they are advised to file their tax returns early. Free tax filing options can now be offered to interested tax payers.

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