Jokes and Quotes on Tax

Jokes and Quotes on Tax

Following are some tax jokes, wisecracks, one liners and humor related to tax.

Some tax forms actually ask if the taxpayer is blind.

IRS Joke: According to Charles Rossotti, former IRS Commissioner, there has been good progress in IRS: while earlier it used to be difficult to get through to them on the telephone, these days it is just difficult.

In case you are not pleased that you never got around to writing the popular American novel, cheer up, and browse through your previous tax returns.

Quote: "The Eiffel Tower grows to become the Empire State Building when payment of taxes is complete."

Exercising the Freedom of Information Act, the owner of a relatively small business forwarded a communication to the IRS wanting to know if they had a file for his case. The IRS replied, “There is now.”

Quote: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could pay taxes with smiles? Unfortunately, paying by cash is compulsory.”

Q: Have you ever wondered who the auditor is for IRS representatives?

Quote: “Receiving an income tax refund is the most satisfying thing on earth, second only to being targeted with a gunshot and missed.”

Q: In what way can you make a CPA mad?

A: By filling out Form 1040EZ.

Quote: “Government deficit is defined as the expenditure of the government minus the amount it can manage to collect”.

What does it happen that when the IRS ends up losing a tax return, it is usually considered to be a mistake, but when one ends up losing a receipt, it is considered tantamount to tax evasion?

Quote: We all know that death is the wages for sin. However, once you are done with paying taxes, it doesn’t really matter. "

Q: In what way can you make a person humble who is typically proud of his/her wealth?

A: Make them file a tax return.

Quote: The funniest thing about making a tax form out on the level is that even after it’s done you can’t be sure if you are an offender or a sufferer for a cause.

Q: What is the similarity between tax audit and a hurricane?

A: Both give rise to loads of shouting and at the end, you lose your home.

Quote: “Isn’t it time that the government be sanctioned to be listed as a dependent person?”

You would often hear that death and taxes mean the same more or less, but this is not true. Death might be a taxable event, but the matter of taxes can never die down.

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  3. If you are amending more than one tax return, prepare a 1040X for each return and mail them in separate envelopes to the IRS office for the area in which you live. The 1040X instructions list the addresses for the opcampuses. If the changes involve another schedule or form, you must attach it to the 1040X.

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