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Self Employed? – Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Need An Accountant

For the self-employed, tax time can be an entirely different experience than for those who are either employed by another company or own their own business. Being self-employed means that you are technically both an employer and an employee, and are at times responsible for paying taxes on issues that affect both.

Taxes are already complex enough for the average individual, but that situation is exacerbated by your current status. As a result, it may be wise to talk to an accountant, as they can not only find special deductions and benefits, but save you the time and anxiety of … Read more at 2009 Tax.

Improve Your Home; Replace Windows to Reap Tax Benefits

Glimmering new windows for your home are not the only reason seeking information about vinyl replacement windows is beneficial. In fact, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 offer homeowners who replace their old windows with new, energy efficient versions serious tax credits. With increased importance of energy conservation, incentives like these can help make new windows more affordable and beneficial. While new windows can be an exciting addition to your home, offering beauty and acting as an investment in your residence, they also offer tax credits that can help you save money.

Lower energy bills and a more … Read more at 2009 Tax.

Inheritance tax planning

People who wish to minimize estate taxes and keep their personal and financial details private should consider inheritance tax planning using legal devices such as living trusts and Texas wills. One of the main differences between these stratagems is that wills, being subject to the probate process, are required to be filed and records relating to wills are available for public access, whereas living trusts are treated privately by the courts and their details are not available to the public.

Estate taxes have been eliminated in Texas, so that in that state property may be inherited without payment of any … Read more at 2009 Tax.

Tax Credits Applicable on Solar Energy

Tax Credits Applicable on Solar Energy

In the middle of the cold months, most people get a rude shock when they see their utility bills. What many of us don’t know is that opting for solar energy helps in reducing the bills and also provides you with an attractive tax credit.

Solar Tax Credit

Solar energy, a form of alternative energy, is a clean and renewable type of energy. Producing solar energy on residential and commercial structures eliminates creation of pollutants and has considerable financial advantages as well. The concept of net metering is now widespread and well-established across 35 … Read more at 2009 Tax.

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