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How Can You Prepare Your Taxes On The Internet?

Posted on | February 15, 2010 | Comments Off on How Can You Prepare Your Taxes On The Internet?

How Can You Prepare Your Taxes On The Internet?

Most of us need some help when the time for tax preparation comes. Some of the web sites are mentioned below that will provide guidelines and other information to help you with filing taxes online.


The web site is www.fairmark.com.

Fairmark.com, a web site dealing with tax issues to help investors to e-file taxes, it is recommended by Forbes.com and offers a taxes help centre and provides guidance for dealing with capital gains, Roth IRAs, and college financing.


The web site is www.irs.com.

This site does not have any affiliation with IRS.gov, but it provides suggestions such as how to pay taxes online and about filing your tax returns; it also gives information regarding income taxes, deductions, tax refund, and extension along with other relevant topics like tax scams and frauds.

MSN Money

The web site is MoneyCentral.msn.com/tax/home.asp.

The Tax Estimator of MSN Money helps to prepare your taxes and also provides information regarding change of tax laws. The glossary of tax terms helps you to decide the forms you will need for filing, and you can use the site’s message board Tax Corner and get your tax-related queries answered by Jeff Schnepper, a tax attorney.


The web site is www.taxsites.com.

TaxSites.com is basically a directory of accounting and tax related web sites, and provides links to organizations, legal information, tax agencies of the states, and other relevant government web sites.

United States Tax Court

The web site is www.ustaxcourt.gov.

It helps to solve tax-related disputes and offences. The web site explains the court procedures, provides frequently asked questions about a case going to tax court, contact details for the judges, and court office addresses.

Yahoo! Taxes

The web site is taxes.yahoo.com.

The Taxes page of this site provides tax guidance for investors, tax education and tips, and other resources to help users know details about federal taxes, using the message board to discuss matters with others, and finding an accountant.

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